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For efficient and reliable moorings services in Sydney Harbour, you can rely on the contractors at Octopus Marine.

Octopus Marine has been established to provide a full lifecycle mooring service, from laying your new mooring, inspection of existing moorings, annual servicing, mooring parts replacement, relocation and removal.Our barge MV Octopus has been purpose built to provide mooring services and we can guarantee compliance with insurance and RMS requirements.We can inspect your existing mooring and provide condition advice and replace parts, as required.For new moorings, we provide advice on the type of mooring and mooring apparatus required for your vessel.

Your mooring must be serviced every 12 months, or more frequently if it is subject to specific mooring conditions such as excessive wash or active seabed material.

Mooring Services

Octopus Marine provides the following mooring services:

Supply and installation of new

Condition assessment of
existing moorings

Relocation of existing

Maintenance & annual


To have a chat about your moorings, get in touch with Sydney’s most trusted contractors.

Why choose Octopus Marine as your mooring contractors?

We believe in delivering outstanding customer service paired with unrivalled knowledge and expert advice when it comes to every mooring we lay or service.

Based in Sydney’s inner west, Octopus Marine has been offering affordable marine services, including boat moorings in Sydney Harbour for 20 years..

We also specialise in boat salvage, mast and engine lifts, barge hire and lighterage, and pontoon and marina maintenance.

If your boat mooring is in Sydney Harbour, choose us as your mooring contractors.

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